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Corporate communication

Communication for corporations and organizations. To reach your goals communication needs to be crisp and clear. Understanding the needs of different stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders, general public and regulators and matching those to your own goals. What do you want them to do and know? But even if their needs might be different, the core corporate story must be one that fits all. Carrara helps you build a sustainable core story that can be developed over time and in relation to different needs. Carrara is specialized in financial communication, investor relations, media relations, corporate communication, change communication and crisis management.

Investor relations – earning trust in the stock market

Successful IR is about creating trust in a company on the stock market. It is important to be transparent and accessible and help investors and analysts to do their job well.

Good IR should give the “right price” for the share in the long term. Internally in the company, it is about helping the board and management be comfortable in their communication with the stock market. To build a story and consistently follow up.

Investor relations as interim or as consultant services

Carrara performs investor relation services for listed companies or companies on their way to the stock exchange through interim assignments or consulting services, as well as advising management and boards prior to IPOs and in a listed environment. The services are about indirect and direct contacts and information to investors and analysts, strategy and tactics, and building the company’s equity story. Participation and advice before investor meetings, writing, editing and advising in connection with financial reports, presentations and press releases.

Communication according to MAR

What is regarded as Insider information and what is not? These questions are complex and need a lot of discussion and documentation. Each company needs to find its own way, but also to be attentive to market reactions. Carrara guides its clients through this area as a discussion partner, doing documentation and keeping insider logs. Sometimes communicating with the SFSA (Finansinspektionen) or the NASDAQ surveillance team when needed.

Setting up the investor relations processes in an IPO

There are many areas that need to be addressed when a company is going public. Every step during the first year is new for most people involved. There are a lot of processes and routines that need to be in place involving the IR function, such as a setup for distribution of press releases, insider logbook routines, an IR website and insider and communication policies. Carrara has vast experience and the network to fulfil all the needed steps to make the listing process smooth and correctly adhere to pertinent rules and regulations. Carrara coaches management and Board to perform their parts comfortably.

Content in IPO communication – the equity story

Creating a strong equity or investment story in presentations, prospectus, meetings and press releases in cooperation with banks, law firms and the company itself. We valuate good and smooth teamwork with all parties. Describing history, present and future. The total market development as well as the company’s strengths and risks in a manner that is clear and pedagogical is very important. Most investors really want and need to deeply understand the business logics to trust the messages.

Financial communication during the year in a listed company

During the financial year in a listed company there are a lot of recurring events each year. There are the quarterly reports including presentations, telcos and investor meetings. Roadshows or a capital market day? There are the Annual accounts and the Annual report. Maybe a sustainability report? There is the Annual General meeting. The Nomination committee is formed and often there are acquisitions, new people hired to management or the Board. Sometimes someone is fired.

Carrara has vast experience from all of these events and helps companies with practical support, advice and coaching, procurement and writing.

Communicating with the Board

Carrara often participates in board meetings and audit committee meetings, writing minutes and discussing messages in reports and press releases.

Summaries of IR activities are reported to management and the board.

Follow-up of the company’s ownership via ownership services. Reporting changes to the board and management. Updating the board and management with news that is relevant to the company, its shares and peers.

Media relations

Carrara helps companies communicate with media. Analysing the situation and developing strategies, tactics and messages. The proactive setting of new scenes and planned reactive handling of difficult situations. How to come across with which messages, in which conversations? Choosing the right spokespersons and channels. Contacts with financial media to pitch messages or companies /answer questions. Writing articles.

Media training

Carrara has experience from journalism both from TV and the written media. Carrara will train you to be comfortable in these situations, and how to best come across with the needed messages.

Crisis management

Supporting and advising management and board of directors in connection with various types of trust crises. Preparation of crisis plans and practical work in implementation.

Writing articles, questions and answers etc.