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Coaching, Mentorship and Change management

We have certified coaches (CTI)​ with a big toolbox for coaching and mentorship​, extensive experience from different businesses including governmental authorities​, as well as experience from various levels in organizations; board of directors, group management, and other positions​. This guarantees Successful Change management with human behavior in mind. ​

Leadership and Organization development

Carrara develops tailor-made programs based on the actual needs of the organization​, basically executive education. When requested, we facilitate workshops with board of directors, group management and other groups​. All leadership and organization development is based on strategy analysis, the organization’s setup, mission, vision and values and how they play together.

Market analysis and international expansion

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment​
  • Entry barriers​
  • Cultural differences​
  • Market potential

We help you to prepare for internationalization and to grow your business by prioritizing between markets and understand specific markets. This is followed by setting the market entry strategy and if necessary, finding a business partner.