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Why us​

Our network is extensive and active​

Our network consists of great people, high achievers and team players​, both Swedish and international​.

We are adaptable and in tune with the times​

Our process is modern and agile, we meet in any channel – digital and IRL​, everything to minimize your effort ​and give you better candidates and new energy to your firm​. We do it cost effectively, ​both in terms of time and money.

Integrity and trustworthiness is in our DNA​

Make them shine – the right spirit

We believe in meeting and finding people – then following up and validating necessary and relevant skills and experience​. Does the candidate have the right spirit for the job? If so, check if she/he has the necessary and relevant skills, experience, and track record​.

Carrara supports the client in strategic HR, succession planning and leadership.

The Match

To begin with, we look for a candidate with the right spirit, and with an attitude and a personality that will fit into the organization

Then of course we make sure that the candidate has the fundamental qualifications​ needed, i.e. past achievements, experience and behavior, ​knowledge, skills and abilities​. We want the client and the candidate to fall in love!​

To find out if the candidate is a match – ​a certain interview methodology is applied.


Interview strategy: open ended questions​

The philosophy behind open ended questions, i.e. “tell us about yourself, what is important”, is to find out if the candidate “walks the talk”, is what he/she says, and what is foremost on his/her mind.

The risk with direct checkbox questions is that the candidate answers opportunistically and the picture of him/her will be biased. ​

Actual and relevant fields of knowledge and expertise will be discovered.​


Our angle

Checklist? NO!​

We believe in people, and people are complex with plenty of positive and negative personality traits. The perfect match may be outside the box of given criteria. The result? More effective and energized organizations with more diversity. Minimize the risk of homogeneous recruitment i.e. the same kind of people.​

Long list? NO!​

We focus on the perfect match, a short list with high quality candidates. Carrara also looks outside the expected “traditional-candidate-list” and markets to ensure that true talent will not be missed.​

Same test for every candidate? NO!​

Why use the same expensive standard tools for measuring intelligence, personality type, etc instead of the relevant tools for each position and situation? Cheaper and better. We don´t let the checkbox lock us up.

Our way of working

Knowledge of your business and needs? – YES! ​

Market analysis – who is the customer – business needs – corporate culture – what to achieve? ​

We meet with the client and talk – building trust. With extensive experience of leadership and operations, we grasp the context and the work environment the candidate will act in. Keep it simple (no 20-day-pre-study and extensive surveys).  ​

Search strategy – YES!​

Strong focus on​

  1. what to achieve in the position short and long term​
  2. the right spirit and personality, attributes and attitudes needed for the job​
  3. when 1) and 2) are satisfactory, check formalities, skills, competence and experience​

confidentiality => trusted network => few high-quality candidates​

Onboarding and follow up – YES!​

Carrara will assist with the integration (onboarding) of the candidate into the workplace – the degree of involvement varies depending on the wishes of HR and agreements made earlier in the search process. Mentorship and coaching will be offered. Carrara will continue to maintain close ties with the hiring client and senior executive to ensure long term satisfaction for both parties.​